Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tyga. Three months ago I welcomed this tiny, two-month-old furball into my little home and it has been non-stop bliss ever since. I adopted him from Humane Society of Naples, which is a no-kill rescue, adoption center. I rescued him while on vacation, originally going in to try to get my parents to adopt a new dog. But when I saw Tyga, I immediately asked the staff to play with him. When Tyga was first placed in my hands, I totally melted. The moment he started purring (half a second later), I knew he had to be mine… and he hasn’t stopped purring since.

He helps me feel less lonely when the post grad sadness comes my way. Helps with the anxiety I feel sometimes after work. I grew up with the same dog who passed away this past November, and I was never a cat person, until I got Tyga! I feel so lucky to have this adorable little dude in my life. He’s my pride and joy.

Anyone have any advice for a recently new kitten owner? Thanks in advance for your help! And for now, please enjoy some photos of my little dude.

1 thought on “Meow”

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