Fest Season

Music festival season is among us, and the whole outfit game can get pretty complicated. Although many like to opt for bohemian-inspired pieces piled on, I prefer outfits that are a little less complicated..like denim shorts, sneakers, and a cool band tee. It seems more comfortable for the occasion. I put together a list of some easy to wear desert-worthiest band tees, and shorts that will actually be appropriate to wear during other occasions as well.


  • band tee
  • bandana as scarf or choker
  • flannel around the waist
  • ripped up jeans or skirt
  • large whole fishnets
  • black booties
  • lace up sandals
  • top hat

see my inspo below:

band tees

zara ramones tee  – this crop top is breathable and cool, would look amaze with some white converse and a light wash high wasted denim skirt or jean shorts.
rolling stones.PNG
brandy melville rolling stones tee – paired with black shorts or skirt.
lil wayne
UO lil wayne tee – paired with a ripped denim skirt and some black vans or converse for an effortless cool look.

band tee really not your thing? ugh… idk why it wouldnt be.. but I would then opt for a cool mesh shirt like this one from Brandy Melville

sheer brandy

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