Healthy Foods to Share With Your Four Legged Friend

You worry about your own health.. and you love your pet.. so it only seems natural that you would be interested in your pets health!

  1. Chia Seeds: but not dry chia seeds, soaked chia seeds!! Mix water and chia in a cup and leave in the fridge for at least an hour until chia seeds completely soak the water! My old dog loved this on top of his dry food, and my cat enjoys it as well!!

  2. Coconut oil: Remember how much I love coconut oil here? Well it is a healthy fat for your cat and dog! When putting on my face at night my cat always jumps up on the counter and licks the coconut oil straight from the jar! Hehe.

  3. Wheat grass: I first learned about this from the health nut I lived with in NJ for an internship. Her three dogs loved the wheat grass, and after further research it has so many benefits for humans and animals! I recently purchased some near the checkout at Petsmart!

  4. Carrots: Cut them up and mix in with your pets dry food or just give them as a treat in between meals!

  5. Eggs: I remember growing up my dog loved when we gave him leftover scrambled eggs! And they are actually healthy, in small doses!

Comment some foods below that you feed your pet!

Here is what I wore on Mothers Day!

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