Healthy Foods to Share With Your Four Legged Friend

You worry about your own health.. and you love your pet.. so it only seems natural that you would be interested in your pets health! Chia Seeds: but not dry chia seeds, soaked chia seeds!! Mix water and chia in a cup and leave in the fridge for at least an hour until chia seeds completely soak the water! My old dog loved this on … Continue reading Healthy Foods to Share With Your Four Legged Friend

Coconut Oil :: Life Hack Essential

Coconut oil is known to be the healthiest dietary oil on the planet.. that’s kinda major.. The list of health benefits and uses are endless!! Coconut oil is a superfood that I use for everything – from cooking, to baking, to skin care and hair care – it is one of those things no one should go without! Read below for more benefits! Hair Care … Continue reading Coconut Oil :: Life Hack Essential

Fest Season

Music festival season is among us, and the whole outfit game can get pretty complicated. Although many like to opt for bohemian-inspired pieces piled on, I prefer outfits that are a little less denim shorts, sneakers, and a cool band tee. It seems more comfortable for the occasion. I put together a list of some easy to wear desert-worthiest band tees, and shorts that … Continue reading Fest Season