Want a quick & motivational read that’ll help you think like a #girlboss? Pick up the book Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the Nasty Gal brand. The book is filled with illustrations, photos, and short essays in an entertaining and unconventional layout. It gives you a view of Sophia’s philosophies on work, relationships, balance, friendships and more! You get a taste of Amoruso’s … Continue reading #girlboss

How to Hustle in College

I by NO MEANS am trying to act like I am trying to educate others on career advice or college advice. I didn’t make all the right decisions in college, and there are probably so many things I’ve could’ve done better. However, mistakes make the best learning experiences..right? lol. Most of my advice might be directed more towards business majors, but there are some things … Continue reading How to Hustle in College