happy first day of spring

Happy first day of spring! Trends I’m loving for this spring: Athleisure When it comes to jackets.. keep your leather jackets out, and put your down jackets away! also shearling jackets and fur linings will stay in through the spring graphic or casual t-shirt PINK Checked Blazer Reworked Shirt Floral Dress Bold Bras Ruffled Shoulders See my post on the ruffle trend here Here’s my … Continue reading happy first day of spring


Want a quick & motivational read that’ll help you think like a #girlboss? Pick up the book Nasty Galaxy by Sophia Amoruso, founder of the Nasty Gal brand. The book is filled with illustrations, photos, and short essays in an entertaining and unconventional layout. It gives you a view of Sophia’s philosophies on work, relationships, balance, friendships and more! You get a taste of Amoruso’s … Continue reading #girlboss

weekend wear 

I really am starting to miss the 3 day weekends I had in college since I didn’t have classes on fridays.. lol .. I’m just missing college in general! Well this weekend was pretty chill. Here are some of the outfits I paired together.. On Sunday, I had a relaxing day to myself where I went to Restore Cold Pressed downtown Cleveland. I got a nice fresh … Continue reading weekend wear